Huitao Guideline on Handling Client Complaint


Article 1 This Guideline is developed by Sichuan Huitao Law Firm (hereinafter referred as Huitao or the firm) for the purpose of regulating the work of Huitao, improving the quality of legal service, supervising the lawyer's compliance practice, resolving potential client complaint and protecting legitimate rights and interests of clients.

Article 2 The firm shall assign a Deputy Director to take charge of client complaint handling. The Administrative Department shall be in charge of receiving the complaint made by client.

Article 3 Methods for filing complaints include:

(1) making telephone complaints by calling 028-85255588 to 9000;

(2) making online complaints through;

(3) making on-site complaints at Administration Department of Huitao, 4F, building D3, Fengde International Plaza, No. 6, Hangkong Road, Chengdu;

(4) contacting the Deputy Director in charge: Ms Wang Yu, Tel: 85265588.

Article 4 Scope of client complaint may include:

(1) service quality problems;

(2) violation of professional ethics and discipline during Huitao lawyers practice.

Article 5 Client complaint shall be filed in written and relevant evidences shall be provided with the complaint.

Article 6 The Administrative Department shall conduct investigation after the complaint has been accepted. 

Article 7 The complaint handling result shall be fed back to the complainant in a timely manner. The complainant shall be informed to report to the administrative authority in the case that he (or she) is not satisfied with the handling result.