I. Overview

In the year 2011, Huitao was awarded the honor “Best Chinese Law Firm” and has won nearly 60 honors awarded by Ministry of Justice, Chinese Bar Association, Sichuan Provincial Government and Chengdu Municipal Government, and nine academic works and almost 100 academic papers written by Huitao attorneys have been published on the national law journals. Huitao has first class office resources, office automation (OA) system and sound management system. Huitao has served as legal counsels for nearly 1000 enterprises, institution units and government organs, handled thousands of various complicated legal affairs, and retrieved economic loss amount of billions RMB for our clients, which brought Huitao good reputation and produced great effect on the legal circles, and a large number of media, like China Central TV, Phoenix TV and so on, have broadcast and reported the achievements of the firm and our attorneys have made.

The law firm is devoted to developing lawyers’ career normally and target for building up a first-class law firm. Huitao purchased office in the CBD of south of Chengdu City, and each attorneys has his/her own independent office room, which provides good platform for attracting excellent lawyers and helping their career development.

II.  Huitao Team

An excellent team is the guarantee that the law firm develops and high-quality legal services are rendered to their clients. Among the attorneys of Huitao and its experts team, there are nation-wide famous experts and law professor, graduates from the law schools of USA, UK, Dutch, Singapore, etc. national or provincial (municipal) excellent lawyers, experts of Sichuan Provincial Legal Talent Pool and Sichuan PPP Experts Tool, members of Sichuan Provincial Administrative Review Council, deputies of Chengdu People’s Congress, members of the National Committee of CPPCC, Chengdu Top 10 Outstanding Youths, Expert Consultants for Critical Administrative Decision-making of Chengdu People’s Government, Legislative Expert Counselors of Cheng People’s Congress, Assistant Prosecutor for the cases investigated by Chengdu Discipline Inspection Commission, arbitrators of Chengdu Arbitration Committee, etc. And a few of the attorneys have the qualifications for handling legal affairs regarding definition of property rights of state-owned assets, the qualification for handling legal affairs regarding biding and tender, the qualification for handling legal affairs regarding securities, the qualification of CPA, the qualification of CTA, trademark and patent attorneys, etc. They all come to Huitao together and cooperate sincerely to have created Huitao’s glorious achievements. 

III. Our Legal Services

We firmly believe that only a professional team with expertised service can guarantee the lawyers and their law-firms’ sustainable development. As the legal service market is growing more and more mature, it is recognized by all that the service quality is the key factor in deciding which law-firm will win out from the keen competition. In our law-firm, we always put the construction of service quality at the first place. Huitao law-firm consists of 11 working departments, all of which have accumulated rich experiences in the fields of FDI, management of state-owned property, BOT/BT/BOOT, real estate management, land management, bidding projects, CDM and emission trading, “Road and Belt” construction projects, foreign legal affairs, and EPC/Turnkey engineering project management, intellectual property, legal counsel, IPO, etc. Over all, we have served as legal counsel for more than 1000 enterprises, government, and corporations, we have also handled thousands of national-wide famous cases, through which we have helped our clients avoid incredible commercial risks, also helped Chinese enterprises invest abroad and made great contribution to the Belt and Road Initiative of our nation.   

IV. Huitao Achievements

While providing legal services, Huitao attorneys are spreading rule of law of social civilization, therefore, Huitao have received a wide attention and recognition from all aspects of society. Sichuan provincial CCP leaders met Huitao lawyers who have made great achievements, the Ministers from Ministry of Justice and other governmental departments visited Huitao, legislative experts from Sichuan Provincial and Chengdu People's Congress came to Huitao to carry on legislature investigation. We can see Huitao attorneys everywhere like governmental agencies, judicial organizations, enterprises, even in the university's classrooms. All these have brought active effect on sound development of the law firm, and Huitao are making more and more glorious achievements. 

V. Huitao Culture

Lawyers are the emissary who promulgate law reasonableness and legal techniques, harmony, self-disciplined, diligence are the source for development of a law firm, learning from each other, continuous studies and summarization are the guarantee that Huitao attorneys correctly comprehend  law and skillfully apply it as to maintain the legal benefit for our clients. While Huitao attorneys' pursuing the aim of both legal value and social value in their practice of law, every attorney tries to grow up a research-type, scholar-type, or expert-type lawyer, Huitao culture has also come into being. Team work and harmonious colleague relationship are the beautiful chapters ofHuitao culture. Each gathering would be the banquet of happiness and wisdom; those splendid moment recorded our feature, sow harmony, and cultivate our team, and finally bring harvest of attorneys' career.

VI. Huitao Honors 

Owing to our loyalty, dedication to the lawyer career, we received wide appraise and honors from all aspects of society. However, these honors including the flowers, ribbons, and medals not only belong to Huitao attorneys and firm, but also belong to the friends who provided us support and reliance all the way. Especially, we want to thank those friends who have ever come to Huitao and now left Huitao. In a word, Huitao today’s achievements and honors coagulate all our wisdom.