Huitao’s Year-end Summing-up Meeting of 2009
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    On Jan 29, 2010, Huitao Law Firm held the year-end summing-up meeting of 2009. At the meeting, Mr. Li Qijun, on behalf of the law firm, awarded the titles of “2009 Excellent Lawyer”, “Most Diligent Lawyer”, “Lawyer with legal research”, “Lawyers with Team work”, and “Excellent Managing Lawyer” respectively to Ms. Chen Minjin, Mr. Cai Yangyi, Mr. Hu Chunhua, Ms.Ouyang Bin, Mr.Liu Hui, Ms. Geng Lipeng, Ms. Tan Xueying, and Mr. Li also wish the above lawyers to make greater progress in the future work. Then, all the lawyers spoke one by one at the meeting, talking about their life and work in Huitao and shared their experience of practice with each other, put forward suggestions and also expressed good blessings to Huitao.
  Afterwards, all the lawyers and staff went to Dujiangyan City to take part in Chinese New Year Party of 2010 and climb Mount. Qingcheng. At the party, everyone were singing and dancing joyously, giving wonderful performances on the stage, and joining in various funny games. Everyone spent an unforgettable but pleasant evening at the foot of Mount. Qingcheng.   The next morning, we climbed Mount. Qingcheng. We helped each other, and finally all of us successfully climbed the top of the mountain. Everyone shouted and jumped for joy! 
     Looking back to the last year 2009, we firmly believe that greater achievements shall be made by Huitao attorneys and Huitao shall have a bright future. Also good blessings are sent to each attorney and their families!

Huitao’s Year-end Summing-up Meeting of 2009 was held at the meeting room

Mr. Li Qijun, Director of Huitao Law Firm, was awarding the title of “2009 Excellent Lawyer” to the attorney Ms. Chen Minjin

Mr. Li Qijun, Director of Huitao Law Firm, was awarding the title of “Most Diligent Lawyer” to the attorney Mr. Cai Yangyi

Mr. Li Qijun, Director of Huitao Law Firm, was awarding the title of “Lawyers with Team Work” to the attorneys Ms.Ouyang Bin, Mr.Liu Hui, and Ms. Geng Lipeng

Mr. Li Qijun, Director of Huitao Law Firm, was awarding the staff of Administrative Department

How joyful at the law firm’s Chinese New Year Party

Lucky ones got beautiful New Year gifts prepared by the law firm

CPC attorneys sangthe Song of Guerrilla

Everyone were singing and dancing joyously at the Party

Dancing circle dance

Everyone was infected by the Party

Mr. Yue Wei and Ms. Luo Jing are happy secretly

Mr. Luo Bo, Ms. Ouyang Bin and Ms. Zhang Guangyu are dancing happily

Mr. He Maoxiong dancing more like a hero killing a tiger

Give me five

Funny game

Mr. Yue Wei and Ms. Deng Ying

In front of the gate of Mount. Qingcheng

Senior Partners of Huitao Law Firm

Climbing Mount. Qingcheng

All the staff on Mount. Qingcheng

Ms. Wang Yu and Ms. Deng Ying

Mr. Luo Bo, Ms. Yuan Min and Ms. Wang Yu

On Mount. Qingcheng