Huitao lawyers rendered legal services for Belt and Road projects during the outbreak of COVID-19
Time:2020-03-18 Hits:0

Sichuan Huitao Law Firm long commits herself to rendering legal services on international trade and FDI, especially on Belt and Road projects for Chinese enterprises to invest and engineer contracting abroad. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Huitao attorneys timely assisted our clients to seek out probable legal risks concerning the performance of the project contracts abroad affected by COVID-19, evaluates such potential risks and gave legal opinions on how to find out solutions.

Recently, Partners Mr. Li Qijun and Mr. Hu Chunhua were entrusted by the clients to provide legal services for their overseas projects like SPF project in Tanzania, Block 9 oil field project and Buzurgan oil field Project in Iraq, and Bagtyjarlyk Contract Area project in Turkmenistan, etc. Huitao counsels carefully assessed the legal risks of each project, examined and revised project related documents, and participated in negotiations concerned through online. Huitao counsel’s understanding of the legislation of country where the Site is and international rules and customs concerned, experiences and especially the professionalism in engineer contracting and construction industry were highly recognized and praised by our clients.